My Certifications

Adult CPR and Automatic Defibrillator

Ability to assist those that may have impaired breathing.

ISSA Fitness for Women

Ability to understand and assess fitness criteria for women ages 20 to 60.

Lifestyle Fitness Coaching

A rich understanding of evidence-based coaching and systematic processes to guide, support, and motivate clients to achieve positive behavioral change and long-term healthy lifestyles and practices.

Certified Nutritional Leader

Completed 8 week course with Dr. Josh Axe in nutrition.  Able to assist with nutritional assessment, meal planning, and overall nutritional coaching.

Core Assessment & Training

Ability to assess the core and create comprehensive training plans to strengthen it.

Sit & Be Fit

Certified in the design and implementation of programming for seniors and people with physical limitations.

ISSA Specialist Exercise Therapy - *

Despite all of our best efforts, injuries happen. When they do occur, you will need someone to assess your ability to train and adapt your training protocol to keep you safe. By utilizing techniques and exercises learned, I will be able to help with rehabilitation from various injuries that occurred from training or any accident.

* Please note this is NOT rehabilitation NOR physical therapy.  

ISSA Specialist Fitness Nutrition - *

There is so much information on nutrition available today. I understand how nutrition impacts performance and how it can be turned from a hindrance to a tool that drives amazing outcomes!   By having the knowledge and understanding of how nutrition works with the body, we can evaluate the effects of the plethora of diet options that exist or are being created constantly to figure out which one might be best for you! 

* I am NOT a nutritionist. 

ISSA Certified Fitness Specialist

ISSA Specialist in Senior Fitness

Modern science has given us the ability to slow and even reverse the negative effects of aging. And study after study has shown that seniors are not only capable of real exercise, but can vastly improve their health, strength, mobility, and independence through exercise. As a certified specialist in senior fitness, I can help you set realistic goals for your health, and then enjoy achieving and exceeding them.