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Personal Wellness and Fitness Programs

Mayfield Wellness is dedicated to helping clients create actionable plans to reach their goals through fitness assessments, evaluations, and customized programs designed for individuals, groups and families.

Changing behavior and improving your lifestyle means more than eating well or exercising. It means setting goals for yourself that will help enhance the quality of your life and your overall wellbeing. For over 10 years, Mayfield Wellness has been working with individuals to help them identify and meet these goals by combining fitness, nutrition, stress management and healthy eating habits into their everyday lives.

It’s all about you.

Unlike other health conscious programs, we do not want you to fit within a mold or adjust to a certain routine. We apply our knowledge to your values and design a plan that works with your lifestyle.  And, custom plans and coaching keep you accountable for the goals you set, turning them into achievable realties.

You don’t have to do it alone.

In addition to offering individual assessments, Mayfield Wellness also offers group and family sessions so that you can surround yourself with others who share similar goals.

We come to you.

Mayfield Wellness will travel to your home or desired location, and help you convert your living room, basement or home gym into your personal wellness center. We are happy to work with your health providers in order to create a program that is designed to meet your specific health concerns, needs, goals and lifestyle.

Personalized Wellness and Fitness Programs: Helping You Look and Feel Well…From the Inside-Out

What does Wellness mean? It means having an enhanced quality of life, improved job performance and a foundation for a healthy future for you and your family. It’s more than a diet, an exercise regime or one-time solution: it means taking a comprehensive approach to looking and feeling your best – mentally and physically. Mayfield Wellness has been helping clients reach their goals for more than 15 years, and are experts at developing plans of action that achieve real results.  

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that each person has unique, specialized needs when it comes to wellness. We work with each client individually to develop customized programs that are designed to help you reach your goals faster than a traditional “off-the-shelf” training or exercise program.

How do the programs work?

Step 1: Decide where?  Mayfield Wellness will meet with you in your environment to evaluate both your mindset and your surroundings to design the right program for you. You choose where you’re most comfortable, and we'll meet you there!

Step 2: Decide who and how long?  Programs can be designed for individuals, families, or small groups and can be offered over varying lengths of time (i.e. number of weeks, months or annual retainer).

Step 3: Decide what  After an initial consultation and goal-setting meeting, Mayfield Wellness will work with you to develop a program that blends differing exercise techniques (like yoga, weight training or running) with stress reduction/emotional wellness strategies and nutritional skills to equip you with a reservoir of techniques to keep you motivated and on the right track to reaching your goals. Regardless of your athletic skill set or experience, Our programs will help you improve your overall fitness, flexibility, strength, endurance, muscle tone and general health by doing the right exercises for your body, age, specific life situation and capabilities.

The following is a representative sample of some personalized services I’ve delivered to actual clients in the past. For detailed information about how to build your own wellness program and for a personalized pricing arrangement, please contact us at


  • Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Fitness Basics
  • Boot camp/Cross-training
  • “Boomer” Fitness Program
  • Teen and Youth Fitness Programs
  • Family Fitness Program
  • Bridal/Wedding Fitness Program
  • Sculpting/Core Strength Programs
  • Senior Fitness Programs
  • Sit & Be Fit Programs
  • Lifespan Coaching

Go ahead- take the first step toward improving your personal wellness and contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help you design your own unique, comprehensive and customized Wellness Program.

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Educational Seminars

Learn to Live Well

Periodically throughout the year (and upon request), LV Mayfield delivers special Education Seminars. This page will be updated regularly with upcoming seminar topics, dates, locations and other registration details. In addition to those listed below, we welcome your suggestions and recommendations for seminar topics depending on your specific needs or interests.

Seminars are focused on providing relevant, interesting content designed to create awareness, motivation, and inspiration. Seminars are provided in the following categories, with sample topics listed below:

Preventive Health Care

  • Staving off Type II Diabetes
  • Your Wellness Plan in Action
  • Creating a Vision and Writing S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Stress Management

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • How Stress Hurts your Health


  • Jumpstart your Fitness Program
  • Functional Fitness: Time Efficient Exercises that Get Results
  • Designing Affordable Home Gyms
  • Family Fitness
  • Top Ten Fitness Tips


  • Healthy Eating
  • Top 10 Nutrition Tips
  • Living and Eating Well for a lifetime
  • No Nonsense Eating
  • What is a paleo diet?
  • What is a ketogenic diet?
  • What is the mediterraenean diet?
  • What is the D.A.S.H. diet?
  • What is Leaking gut and how can it be cured?
  • What is IBS and how can it be cured?

For more information about attending or hosting a LV Mayfield education seminar contact us at

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Does my Company Need a Wellness Program?


When it comes to wellness in the workplace, less can be more.  Less absenteeism, fewer injuries, and less stress can mean lower employee health care costs and workers compensation claims - which means more productivity and higher profits.  With the cost of health care constantly in flux, it's important that your employee population be informed and engaged about their own wellness and how managing it contributes to the greater good of the company.

Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and a myriad of other chronic health conditions are sweeping throughout the U.S., but these diseases are all preventable and caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices such as lack of exercise, poor eating habits, and tobacco use.  In fact, approximately 70% of all causes of death in America (more than 1.7 million) are caused by preventable factors such as obesity, sendentary lifestyles, and smoking.

In addition, the rapidly growing number of Medicare-eligible adults are expected to reach 71.5 million by 2030.  As a rsult, the demand for disease prevention and cost-effective, quality health-promotion interventions is at an all-time high.

Wellness programs can:

  • Increase your Return of Investment to $2.30 - $10.10 for every $1 spent on the program
  • Reduce sick leave by an average of 28%
  • Decrease health care costs by an average of 29%
  • Decrease workers compensation costs by an average of 33.5%
  • Decrease use of Healthcare Benefits/Prescriptions
  • Appeal to top talent during employment recruitment
  • Increase retention of healthy employees

We work around your needs...and budget.

Regardless of the facilities or funds you have available, I will work to design a unique package of services to meet your company's needs.  All corporate programs and services noted on this page are also available for organizations and clubs.

For the past 10 years, I've helped businesses develop customized Wellness Programs that have reduced the direct and indirect costs associated with stress and other unhealthy behaviors such as poor eating habits and lack of physical activity.  

After an initial meeting with your team, Mayfield Wellness will work with you to develop a wellness program designed to help create awareness among your employee population while helping them take responsibility for their health and wellness.  Your program is entirely customized to meet your needs and may consist of a variety of fitness classes, seminars, individual personal training, small group personal training, wellness coaching and more.

What types of programs are offered?

The following are a representative sample of some corporate services we've delivered to actual companies in the past.  For detailed information about making an affordable investment in a wellness vision, ow to build your own wellness program and for a personalized pricing arrangement, please contact us at and make the first step towards creating a healthier office environment.  We can also connect you with one of our satisfied clients so you can learn more about how our services have been successfully delivered in other organizations.

1.   Fitness classes such as:

  • Bootcamp/cross-training
  • Core/scuplting
  • Stretching

2.   Fitness Center Design

3.   Executive wellness coaching program

4.   Employee wellness coaching programs for individuals or groups

5.   Quarterly wellness consults

6.   Health and Wellness seminars and events*

7.   Injury reduction program

8.   On-site health screenings

9.   Lunch n' Learns*

10. Health promotion

11. Workplace wellness design

12. Wellness incentive and reward programs

13. Individual and group Wellness Coaching

14. Q&A Seminars with our professionals

15. Team building events

*See our "Education and Seminar" page for more information about the topics of seminars offered.  Through these seminars, we offer third-party, objective insight to your employees about the importance of living healthy, combating stress and eating well.  These seminar topics can be tailored for your unique employee population and span a month, 4-months or a year.  Special discounts apply if incorporated into other wellness incentive programs with your company.  Seminars may be done in-person, or via skype or conference call.  Sample seminar topics include:

  • Creating a Vision and Writing Smart Goals
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Functional Fitness: Time Efficient Exercises that Get Results
  • Living and Eating Well for the Season

Contact LV @ to learn more about the different seminar and learning opportunities available to your company.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help you design a unique, comprehensive and customized Wellness Program for your Company!

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