Mayfield Wellness - LV Mayfield


I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people that I've helped.  Here is what people are saying about the services rendered through Mayfield Wellness!

Let me tell you how LV Has been a BLESSING & INSPIRATION To My LIFE. Not Only has she made me look and feel good During our PT sessions but she checks on me when im sick and when im stressing about school or life. SHE CARES OUTSIDE OF THE GYM! She is THE ONLY REASON. THEE ONLY Reason I will Buy more Sessions at the gym. If she cant train me, I Honestly DO NOT want no one to do so. We laugh and dance all the time and still get the workout done. LV is an amazing person with a big heart, it isn't just always about the money with her she Legit cares about your well-being. LV Is My Wing man and I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART!

I am glad I Chose yo baldhead that faithful morning lol. Thank you LV!

Leeosha W.
Student/Security Guard

Training with LV has been one of the greatest experiences in my athletic career. It’s hard to find an individual who is as greatly motivated and knowledgeable as her. She embodies fitness, healthy living, and is dedicated to improve those qualities in others.

Gisselle T.
Former UIC Basketball Player

I had the opportunity to meet LV prior to her becoming my personal trainer. Her radiant and inviting personality made her stand out- she always goes out of her way to greet folks even if she does not know them!

LV is seriously THE BEST in every sense of the word. She is experienced, reliable, knowledgeable, charismatic, courteous, caring and most importantly, meets her clients where they are- she is extremely diligent about ensuring that workouts are tailored to what is best for the clients. LV goes above and beyond to push her clients. For example, she will tell me not only how to do a particular workout, she will DO the workout with me while providing verbal encouragement. Choosing LV as my trainer has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I do not say that lightly;  I would highly recommend her!

Brenda B.
Executive Assistant/Office Coordinator

I love working out with LV. Personally, I need the motivation and structure of working out with a trainer and LV has been the perfect fit for me.
In the past year, I have gotten so much stronger and leaner. The workouts she plans for me are never boring and are always challenging — but not too challenging. She recognizes my limits and pushes me right to the edge.  I can’t say enough positive things about LV — her fitness level is an inspiration and the energy she brings to training sessions makes working out fun. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer to help you meet your fitness goals!

Julie K. J.
Northwestern University

I am acquainted with LV Mayfield in two ways. First, I worked with her in Corporate America where her intelligence, compassion, and fitness did not go unnoticed by anyone. The sprite in her step and the serene energy that is so much a part of her made me curious enough to ask her a couple of questions about fitness. It was then that I learned that in addition to her excellent leadership skills as a supervisor that she was an excellent leader in the realm of exercise and nutrition.  I’m glad I went to the copy room that day and got to speak with her to find out who she was; what a joy! 

Joyce Moss
Office Manager / Executive Administrative Assistant at National Association for Urban Debate Leagues

I was fortunate enough to have LV as my personal trainer in 2009. I worked with LV during the week and while my motivation was generally low after work, as soon as I got to the gym and saw LV, I was instantly in a better mood and ready to workout! LV is super motivating, extremely enjoyable to be around and makes you sweat! I truly appreciated that she came prepared for my session with her upbeat music and attitude! 

Lindsay Wilcox
Guest Services at Westin Hotels & Resorts

LV is an Awesome trainer. She is very personable and cares about her clients but don't let that fool you. She is about fitness and health and pushing you to a place you’d other wise think you could not go. She motivates the un-motivatable.

Brandy Smith
CEO Do Write By Me Inc.

Lv is a wonderful trainer who is highly knowledgeable of the body along with nutrition. Lv put together a personal fitness and nutrition plan for me based upon the identified goals outlined by myself with input from Lv. Her consistent followup and helpful tips along the way continued to motivate me! And with time I began to achieve my goals and am still benefiting from Lv's. Knowledge and willingness to share it with others. 

Kristina Muhammad
Film Producer/Production Manager at Reel Soul Inc.

I began my journey with “Coach” June 15, 2009. I had achieved my Masters degree and had quit smoking after approximately 20 years. After gaining unwanted weight, I started running independently and working out with Coach twice a week. By July 29, 2009, my shape started to reappear and my stamina during runs had improved.

After doing some workouts independent, I realized that I needed Coach to move me to another level in my training and so our journey resumed. I enjoy working out with her for several reasons but the main ones are, she knows when to push me and when to slow me down, I don’t have to plan my workouts because she does that, and I’m forced to start and complete the strength training exercises which I would not do on my own.

I have had her speak to my then Women’s group about health and wellness as well as recommended her to my friends. Her love and passion for health and wellness is why I continue to work with Coach. If you want to improve the quality of your life, than Coach is the person that you need and will later on just want to have in your life. Money will always be a concern for most of us however we must remember that the investment in our health and wellness is priceless.

Michell R.
Social Worker